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Fighting for You: Dump Site On Busy Parkway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Tina Alexander has a good view of what's going on along Memorial Parkway when it comes to construction.

"I was noticing how much work was being done at Maplewood Park, but also started noticing this dump being developed right across the street," said Alexander.

She says she has an issue with the dump.

"The drive into Huntsville, in my opinion, is just so beautiful.  It is clean," said Alexander. "You have fields, valleys, mountains and then you get to the more inhabited areas and the first thing you see is this dump.  It's just an eyesore."

Alexander noticed the dump getting bigger and bigger over the last few months.

"I was wondering why would they spend so much money fixing up Maplewood Park, but then allow this dump to develop," she said.

The concerned driver thought the City of Huntsville owned the dump site.  The city is not in charge of the site, but knows it is there.

"At first glance, I noticed shingles being dumped and that is illegal," said Jackie Burgreen, Huntsville Public Works Manager.

Burgreen says the dump site is compliant when it comes to location, but not when it comes to content.  He says shingles and wood on the property make the site illegal.

Burgreen says no matter who's putting it there, the responsibility rests with one person.

"It would be the property owner," said Burgreen.  "If it is dumped onto your property, you would be responsible for it being on your property."

Alexander told me she's glad to know someone will be held responsible.

"I'd just like to see it cleaned up, or the public made aware of why it is there, when it will be cleaned up and just the intent," she said.

WHNT News 19 asked Burgreen if he could get the site cleaned up for Alexander.

"We will get in touch with Community Development and see that they keep an eye out on this project here," said Burgreen.  "They know it is illegal dumping."

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