Madison County Schools Superintendent Proposes Sparkman High School Expansion

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Madison County Schools Superintendent Dr. David Copeland has proposed a new $22 million plan to expand the Sparkman High School campus.

Copeland hoped a state grant from the BRAC Amendment would help fund their plan to build a new high school in the Toney area. However, the funds wouldn't be available until 2015, and the district would be penalized if they tried to save the $22 million until then.

'We believe this is the best route to get the most for our money and improve things to help our students," said Copeland.

Copeland has proposed building a new fine arts building, ROTC building, laboratories and doing away with the portable classrooms at Sparkman High School.

Two million dollars will also go toward rerouting Ford Chapel Road, so students will have a safer passage between the Sparkman Grade 9 Building and Sparkman High School's main campus.

While the district now has a short-term goal, they keep running into the same problem: a lack of funding.

"All we operate on is our millage. We have no other funding. We have no sales tax, and the county hasn't raised property taxes," said Copeland.

Right now the district has $130 million of capital projects just waiting to get done, but for now only 22 million dollars worth will be addressed.

Copeland's plan still needs to be approved by the board, and he is unsure of when they will revisit plans for a new high school in Madison County.