Madison County Districts Still Cleaning Up Storm Debris

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It's been over a year since the April 27th tornadoes, but some rural Madison County districts are still cleaning up debris from those and this years storms.

The unincorporated rural districts of Madison County have been left with the task of picking up the cracked limbs and root balls that have accumulated on people's curbs. While at least one district quit picking up the debris, District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones says his district has been working tirelessly to clean up the mess.

"There have been hundreds of tons, hundreds of tons of debris. We have worked almost solid picking up storm debris for over a year," said Jones.

Federal aid has long run dry, and private contracts also ran out. So the district has had to dip into their own budget, foregoing other projects along the way.

"We can't do as many other jobs because we've been working on storm debris for all this time," said Jones." We can't pave as many roads because it costs quite a bit. We've had to set back other projects we had planned to do."

Jones expects the clean up will be done in the next couple weeks, but reminds District 1 residents crews will pick up their tree debris year round. They only ask you separate the plant debris from your regular trash.

If workers miss the pile at the end of your driveway, Jones encourages you to call the District 1 office at (256)-828-0726.

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