Colorado Theater Shooting Prompts Changes To Monaco Pictures’ Security

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) Several people showed up at Monaco Pictures Thursday morning to watch a movie or buy tickets to a later showing. Some of them knew about the deadly Colorado shooting, others had not heard. Staff at the Bridge Street theater want those movie-goers and everyone else to know their facility is safe.

Many of them might see some things now that they may have not seen before the shooting. Monaco Pictures will have an added police presence. The Monaco team also plans to look at things a little more closely and listen to things a lot harder.  

Many people have been waiting to see 'The Dark Knight Rises' for quite a while.

"To see Batman kick some butt. I guess that is the best way to put it," said Austin Reville.

Comic book fans call 'The Dark Knight Rises' a must see movie.

"I like the superheroes. I've been watching Avengers and anything dealing with superheroes," said Pamela Crockett.

David Bier is in charge of making the movie going experience as entertaining and safe as possible.

"You know, between food and moving going experiences, that is what matters. What we do is monitor every theater," said Bier.

The theater's Vice President of Operations knows about the deadly shooting inside a Colorado theater.

"For this to occur, it is truly sad. Our hearts go out to the families, victims and everyone involved," said Bier.

Bier says steps are already in place to ensure customer safety.

"We have off-duty Huntsville Police Department officer present to help out. You know, to just monitor the entire experience to make sure our guests and team are safe," said Bier.

Bier addressed something for those who like to check out movies in costume. He said the Monaco has a policy against masks in the theater.

"We know it is a costume and so many people dress up because it is fun, but we really need to be aware of what's happening and respect the concerns of others," said Bier.

Bier told WHNT NEWS 19 the Monaco team stopped 12 people wearing masks from entering the theater Wednesday night. He says none of them had a problem with his demand. Each of them had to leave their mask outside the theater.

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