Gray Away a Dud

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It’s not every day you see a hair care product in a home store. But that is where I found Gray Away.

Gray Away is a root concealer touch-up spray.    The product cost only $9.99. It claims to not flake, and wash out with shampoo.    The packaging says you get about 40 spray applications.

There is good news and bad news here with our experience.

A lovely and brave woman, Nan Futch, let us use her hair for the test. We recruited the pros at the So Vain Salon to help test the product.

First, Gray Away did cover up some gray roots on Nan’s head. (It’s silly I think because Nan looked great.)    But after we used it, her hair felt sticky and tacky.   The product will come off on your fingers and that brings a whole new meaning to “I hope he runs his fingers through my hair.”   Nan and the pros at So Vain decided that the Gray Away might be an option if your hair was already “set and done” and used as a touch-up.

But here is the big thing.   The packaging clearly says “Washes out with Shampoo.”    But it did not wash out very easily.  Nan was less than pleased with how the product washed out of her hair.

I also used the product on a gray patch of hair. And it took two days’ worth of showers and shampoos to remove the product.    

We were less than pleased and rated the product a Dud.

If you have used the product and like it, or have a positive result, then email me at   I would love to update the story if you have a positive result from using the product.