Nurse From Marshall County To Appear in New Season of Big Brother

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Danielle Murphree will begin a contest Thursday night, which if all goes well, will lead to her being cutoff from the outside world for the next two and a half months.  Murphree, from Grant, will be one of 16 contestants or "house guests", on the new season of the CBS show, "Big Brother."

Murphree graduated from DAR High School in 2007.   She then went on to get a nursing degree from The University of Alabama.   Her principal, Stacy Anderton, says he can certainly see why the producers picked her for the show.

 "She always had a very bubbly, outgoing personality," Anderton said.   "So no, it did not surprise me whatsoever when I heard that she had been chosen for the show."

The premise of the show is that 16 people are put inside the "Big Brother House," which is cutoff from the outside world.   There are no phones, no internet access and no letters from home.   However, the house is wired with cameras, even in the bathroom, which allows viewers to watch the contestants every move, 24/7.    Each week, the "head of household" nominates two people for eviction.   The other house guests then vote to evict one of them.   The key is to be the final house guest remaining, which awards the winner  a prize of $500,000.

In an interview with CBS, Murphree says she's afraid her bubbly personality could get her into trouble.

"I guess I'm too open," Murphree said.  "I'm too honest.  Like I will tell you anything.   Like I almost don't have a filter."

The new season of "Big Brother" debuts Thursday night at 8 p.m. on WHNT News 19.

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