“It Was Just One Big Blast…”

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KILLEN, Ala. (WHNT) – Thursday afternoon, one of those same boat docks that was pushed down river in 2010 and lodged up under Shoal Creek bridge, got destroyed by high winds.

Owners of Emerald Beach Marina say that a single; dark cloud came across Shoal Creek, unleashing its fury in a matter of seconds.

“It happened with-in 15 to 20 seconds. It was just one big blast of air, and that was it,” said boat owner Richard Green on Friday.

Emerging from the twisted metal and collapsed roof, Richard Green and his family couldn’t believe their eyes.

Boat dock number one at Emerald Beach Marina was destroyed.

Green had two boats trapped under the wreckage.

Friday morning one of the boats was un-covered.

“I got out with some minor damage to this one, but the other one is pretty well messed up,” says Green. “It’s going to take them a while, but they’re still working on it.”

Under what is left of the metal roof, more than a dozen boats.

All of them received some kind of damage, some were destroyed.

It’s not light work for the workers trying to cut the metal away.

“Sometimes when they take the pressure off of one boat, it creates pressure on another boat. So, they are just trying to work it like a puzzle and see if they can get the boats out without causing any further damage,” said Richard Green.

Sitting on his one boat that made it, Green is thankful that his family wasn’t injured during the storm that swept through.

And he can now turn his attention to his second boat underneath this pile of metal that used to be boat dock number one.

The owners of Emerald Beach Marina hope to have the damage from the roof that collapsed cleaned up in the next couple of days.

No word on the total amount of monetary damage done to the boats just yet.

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