Sift and Toss a Deal!

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First of all, let me tell you up front, I’m not a cat guy. I’m a dog guy.

But I’m tolerant of people who like cats as long as they don’t look at, or talk to me.

I’m just kidding.

But I’m just not a cat guy. So I know very little about kitty litter issues.

But there is a new product that is showing up in many pet and home stores called the

Sift and Toss.   The Sift and Toss is a mesh litter liner product that comes with 14 sifting litter liners and two solid bottom liners.

(Say that three times real fast….”sifting litter liners sifting litter liners sifting litter liners….See..Told you it was hard to say.)

We recruited a cat owner name Sandy Glasscock to test the Sift and Toss. She said the product word pretty well.  If you have a big pan for the kitty litter and a big cat, then the Sift and Toss was right on the edge.


But Sandy says the Sift and Toss is a Deal because of the price. I got it for $9.99. She said it worked great and would consider buying it again.