Video Games As Art? New Exhibit Draws Crowds

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The Smithsonian’s American Art Museum in Washington, DC is now home to the first-ever exhibit of video games in a major American museum.

Visitors have so far been pouring in, in record numbers, to see “The Art of Video Games” exhibit. In fact, Museum Director Betsy Broun said the showcase has caused so much excitement it will now be traveling to several other cities as well.

“You could say video games are a great grassroots expression of culture, and in some cases art in our democracy,” Broun explained, “One time a single game was offered for sale and sold six million copies in one day. You know, that’s more people than go to the Met in a year. So when you begin to understand how pervasive it is, I guess the bigger question is, why did we wait so long?”

Want to visit the museum on your next trip to Washington, DC? You can click here for more details.


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