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Summer Concerts Push Decibel Levels, Chief Asks For Noise Waiver

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Festivals and outdoor concerts are common during the summer, but with a strict noise ordinance in Tuscumbia, noise complaints can put a damper on some events, even shutting them down.

Now the police chief is asking the city council to allow waivers for big events.

As concerts turn up the sound, it noise starts pushing decibel levels, which pushes Tuscumbia city leaders to enforce a long-time noise ordinance.

With the Helen Keller festival kicking off Thursday, Tuscumbia Police Chief, Tony Logan wants the city council to consider a waiver of the restrictive noise ordinance, in order keep the jams flowing and the incoming stream flowing in too.

“Our problem is, it`s absolutely unbending the way it is,” said Logan.

Chief Logan says it’s things like loud car music that hits a sour note with city leaders.  It's the prime circumstance, for complaints and the reason for such an ordinance.

“It just basically meant, I shouldn`t have to sit in my house and be disturbed by your noise,” said Logan.

Part of Logan's plan would allow police chiefs the authority to overlook some of the rules for those hosting events and festivals in the town.

“Whose reasoning do you use in order to waive the ordinance, so there will be a lot of discussion how we do that,” said Tuscumbia Mayor Bill Shoemaker.

Chief Logan says the change would allow more flexibility within the range of being reasonable.

Logan says as part of the waiver condition, if an event's music gets out of hand, the waiver can be revoked at any time.  City leaders plan to continue this discussion at their next city council meeting, before taking a vote.

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