New Plant Coming to Lawrence County; First for New Industrial Park

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Up to 200 new jobs are coming to Lawrence County

The governor made the announcement in Montgomery Thursday afternoon.

Lawrence County leaders say the new plant will be a "ground-breaker" for the county's new Industrial Development Park.

The new Brown-Forman Corporation plant will be located right on the Morgan County-Lawrence County line and to county leaders, it means they've hit paydirt.

"We are very excited about this announcement," said Lawrence County Commissioner Joey Hargrove.

Hargrove says the new plant will bring up to 200 new good-paying jobs to his county.

"The job that's coming will be above our median incomes, so we'll be ranging anywhere from about $25,000 a year to $50,000 a year on average for those jobs that's coming," Hargrove said.

"We need the tax base," said Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell, a longtime resident of the county.  "We don't have a huge tax base like most other counties do."

Brown-Forman is the producer of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and workers at the new plant will make new white oak barrels for wine to be shipped all over the country.

County leaders are excited over this new plant from a long-term perspective, because it will be the first plant of the county's new industrial park, 20 years in the making on the county line.

"Morgan County is running out," said Hargrove.  "So hopefully there at the line, there at the river, we're bringing in the industry finally that lawrence county's been waiting on."

"It'll help both those counties tremendously," said Mitchell.

County leaders say they've been working on this deal for a year and they'll start working on abatements for the company soon, as they wait for more specifics on the timeline of construction.

Brown-Forman is set to open a new sawmill in Stevenson in Jackson County this month.

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