‘Soldier Show’ Wows Audiences During Armed Forces Week

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Dozens of men and women wanting to become a soldier took the military oath in front of hundreds of strangers Tuesday. One long-time soldier even committed to serving more time in the Army. It all happened prior to the 'Soldier Show' performance at Huntsville High School.

"This is actually soldiers entertaining soldiers," said Sergeant Drake Delucca.

Sgt. Delucca is from Phoenix City.

"Every year, we find all of the most talented soldiers in the Army. We beg and borrow them for their units so we can take them on tour and entertain all of the soldiers and their families," said Sgt. Delucca.

He's part of the Army's traveling technical production putting out the message of Army strong.

"You will see in the show, we got people who are physical training beasts. You know, they really represent. It is more than that though. It's spiritual. It is emotional. It is personal," added Sgt. Delucca.

Fifty North Alabama men and women made the concert personal.

They took their oath of enlistment to soon become a soldier.

"I always saw the Army commercials saying there is a difference between strong and Army strong," said Gadsden's renton Naser.

"I feel proud to be able to keep on doing what they were able to do and have always done. I hope I can make them proud of me," said Guntersville's Graham Segrest.

A long-time soldier thought the event was perfect for Armed Forces Week.

"It's good for people in the local community to realize that so many of their young gals and guys are enlisting in the armed services," said Brigadier General Ted Harrison.

There is one more performance of the 'Soldier Show' scheduled. The final performance starts at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. The show takes place at Huntsville High School.

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