Phil Campbell Family Get Special Home Improvement Project

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After a deadly tornado ripped through Phil Campbell last year, hundreds of volunteers poured into the area, from all over.

More than a year after that devastating storm, the help keeps coming, and there’s still no shortage of need.

John Huey rode out the deadly tornado, from his living room.

“Kinda unprepared because it happened kinda quickly,” said Huey.

That’s because John is bound to a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy and his father’s health is deteriorating too.

“My mom is taking care of me and my dad now he`s getting to where he can`t do much,” said Huey.

His family survived, but the storm took a toll on his home.

Now a group of volunteers from the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Tennessee, help make this storm-battered house, a home again.

“It`s great, they`re doing a really good job,” said Huey.

“I think it gives them hope, it’s something they can feel good about, they`ve weathered a terrible tornado.  They`ve lived with their house in disrepair, and now they can feel happy that their house is the way its suppose to be,” said Ty Cowles, First Presbyterian Church volunteer

It’s home repairs, the Huey’s say, wouldn’t get done without the volunteers.

The crew repaired the homes siding, secured a sagging deck, and most importantly for this family, installed a handicap accessible shower, making mobility easier inside the home, for the first time.

“It means a lot,” said Huey.  “It’s more accessible for me and my dad.”

“I`m sure they`ve had inconveniences and adversities associated with that and we`re just pleased to be down here and give them a home they deserve,” said Cowles.

For the Huey’s, it’s a little help, that makes a big difference.

The First Presbyterian Church in Sheffield is housing the volunteers.

These volunteers will help with three other projects this week.

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