Stunned Auburn Alums React To Shooting

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The tragic shooting that shook Auburn University over the weekend has touched the school's entire alumni base, a community that's estimated to be over 200,000 strong.

Word of the shooting quickly spread among AU alums through the overnight hours and into early Sunday morning, rocking Tiger Nation to its core.

Huntsville resident Jonathan Broadway graduated from Auburn in 2000, and presently serves as a board member for the Huntsville-Madison County Auburn Club. Broadway called the shooting especially shocking due to the city of Auburn's relatively low crime rate.

"It hits the Auburn family very hard," said Broadway. "It is a very sad day, and sad for those parents and brothers and sisters of those families...The place you thought was safe is not really that safe."

Broadway said Auburn Clubs around the country have been offering their prayers and support, with further outreaches possible in the coming days.