LSINC Acquires Huntsville Company Inergi

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A local company will change names as part of a merger confirmed Wednesday in Huntsville.  LSINC announced it has acquired Inergi. 

LSINC has federal, commercial and international clients.  The company works in management consulting, logistics and supply chain management among other things.

Inergi is a commercial product development firm. 

Both ends of this business deal say the move positions LSINC for the future.

"You know, I was able to interview all the people with Inergi, that is now LSINC, on Monday and I have to tell you something.  I was extremely impressed with every single person I interviewed," said Alicia Ryan, CEO of LSINC.  "It was such a joy to realize I was enlarging the company."

Ryan says the merger will allow LSINC to better compete in the marketplace than
LSINC and Inergi would on their own.