Former Priceville Bulldog Softball Player is now National Champion

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At Priceville High School, the legacy of Danielle Richard is all over the athletic facilities, including a portrait she’s never seen in person hanging in the gymnasium.

When asked what he thinks of when he thinks of Richard, her high school softball coach said, “I think National Champion!”

Chris Odom spoke about Richard at Priceville High School, in front of the softball field where she set many records.

Odom says he text messaged Richard at 5:00 am Thursday to congratulate her.  He admited he was thrilled, but not surprised, she was part of Bama’s winning team.  That’s because of her record as a Priceville Bulldog.

“Every offensive record possible she holds,” said Odom.  “She set the state record in 2010 for 24 homeruns.  I believe she had 85 RBI’s that year.  She was named 2010 4A Player of the Year.

Although Richard didn’t play in Wednesday night’s game, she played a crucial role in getting the team to that point.

“In the regional game, against Michigan, she actually scored the winning run,” said Odom.

He says the third baseman is small in size, but still sent 23 out of 24 homerun pitches out of the park.
“That’s quite a feat for someone that’s 5-feet-2-inches tall and weighs about a buck-15,” he said.

He added Richard has been playing the game since age seven, making her family and hometown proud.

“I expect great things out of her in the future, for sure,” Odom said.

Softball was the only sport Richard played in high school.  She’s on an athletic scholarship at the University of Alabama.