Moulton Police Get Break In Pharmacy Smash-and-Grabs

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Moulton Police get a big break in a couple of pharmacy burglaries from eight months ago.  They worked with Cullman Police to track down the men they say pulled off expensive burglaries right in front of surveillance cameras.

Police considered the incidents super-fast 'smash and grabs'.  The suspects, heavily disguised, burglarized pharmacies in Cullman and Moulton last October in less than 60 seconds each.

However, in Cullman, surveillance cameras caught an image of a getaway car -- a white SUV.

This week, Cullman and Moulton Police say they caught one of them and are actively searching for the other.  Both suspects are residents of Memphis, Tennessee.

Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter visited the Cullman County Jail on Tuesday, where Saul Williams was taken, after Memphis Police arrested him on unrelated charges.

Once in Alabama, McWhorter says Williams confessed to burglarizing Cullman Discount Pharmacy and Steve's Pharmacy in Moulton last year.

"During his interview, he made a statement that his mother has cancer and he was doing it to gain money for medical treatment," said McWhorter.  "Whether that's true, I don't know."

McWhorter says Williams and another suspect, Marlon Quarles, have extensive criminal records.

Cullman Police say after Williams hit the pharmacies in Alabama, he went to Missouri, where he tried again, got caught, fled in that white SUV and wrecked it.

Now he'll remain in the Cullman County Jail until he bonds out, but then he will be transferred to the Lawrence County Jail for burglary and theft charges.

Police say they knew the identities of these guys before the burglaries ever occurred.  That's because a clerk in Cullman saw their white SUV parked in an odd place and called police to check it out.

An officer did so, checked their ID's, but then let them go since he had no reason to hold them.