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Alabama Softball NCAA Title Inspiration To Young Girls

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For the state's young softball players, Softball isn't just about batting averages and home runs.

Many girls have dedicated their lives to the sport.  Over their carefree days of summer they come out to the softball field to get in some extra practice.

Senior Bob Jones Softball players Skyler Simmons and Amy Carden fell in love with the sport at a young age.

"When i`m mad or something, I know this is the one thing I can go back to," said Carden. "I come out here and forget what`s going on and just have fun."

The Lady Patriots spent their Wednesday night cheering on the University of Alabama softball team, and celebrating their National Championship win.

The win is significant for a sport that has faced it`s share of criticism.

"People are like 'oh baseball is just for boys, softball is not a sport.'" said Simmons. "But softball is just as much of a sport as baseball and it's a great sport for girls."

The lessons start young and last a lifetime. Not just how to catch and throw, but how to communicate, cooperate, and commit.

"It’s awesome that they overcame all the devastation from last year," said Carden.  "It’s great for their community to come back and win that."

The women on Alabama's softball team aren't just coming home as National Champions. They're coming home as an inspiration for all the young girls who have dedicated their lives to the field.