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New Home for Scottsboro’s IMPACT Learning Center

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The old Scottsboro police station has a new occupant, and that tenant is getting a great rate on rent.

The IMPACT Learning Center will pay the city one dollar a year to lease the facility for the next five years.

For the past two years the city tried to sell or auction the old police station, on Highway 72 next to KFC, but recently decided to offer it to IMPACT.

"It puts something in this building, an empty building that we had," mayor Melton Potter said.

"It's good for them that they've got more room, the visibility. We think that it's a win-win situation for everyone."

This is the sixth facility for IMPACT, which stands for Individually Managed Personal Achievement and Career Training.

"[The previous location] was good but it had run its time," director Ann Kennamer said.

They spent the last decade on the campus of the former Page Elementary School.

"It was smaller, it was chopped up, and the roof was leaking, so we're very glad to have ceiling tiles that are all in place and not leaking," Kennamer said.

"We're real excited to be in a new location."

The Jackson County Career Center also moved to the same building.

"It's the first stop for people looking for assistance trying to find a job, so the career center and IMPACT learning center go hand in hand," Dus Rogers said.

Rogers is the president of the Jackson County Economic Development Authority, which aims to create more local jobs for local workers.

"It's a great fit together, a great marriage, and a great location for both of them to be here," he said.

There is a computer lab for classes and specialty training, with additional computers for online job research and applications, as well as a board with job listings.

"We try to help people get from wherever they are today to where they need to be tomorrow," Ann Kennamer said.

"Whether it's adult reading, English as a second language, getting their GED, computer classes, career counseling, it's just trying to figure out what they need to do to provide a better workforce for Jackson County by bettering themselves."

IMPACT opens its new location to public on Tuesday, June 5.

For more information, visit the IMPACT Learning Center website.