DeKalb County Drug Investigators Arrest Man for Spice Distribution

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DeKalb County investigators made their first significant spice arrest since Alabama's new law went into effect last month.

"We're glad to finally have one of them behind bars here," Sheriff Jimmy Harris said.

"We worked this [case] for several months."

Drug Task Force investigators arrested 42-year-old Aaron Wiley Jones in Sylvania on two counts of distributing a controlled substance (spice), conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance (spice), and a pair of marijuana possession charges.

Sheriff Harris said undercover drug agents used to be able to buy from some stores where staff would get the banned substance from a storage closet.

He said that it seems that stopped after Governor Bentley signed legislation last month that made spice-related charges more serious.

"Most of them that were selling it over the counter, we think they went undercover or behind the scenes selling it, so if you hear of anywhere give us a call," the sheriff said.

Harris said complaints from people in the community led to Jones' arrest.

Investigators continue to work other spice cases, but have not made any arrests on the tainted spice that led to kidney failure in at least 30 users.

"We haven't had any more [illnesses] reported to us at this time.

"We think that batch has passed through now, but they could start up next week on another bad batch, so I'm telling everybody this stuff is bad," Harris said.

"Don't use it."

To report spice sales, use, or a spice-related illness, call the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office at (256) 845-3801.