Limestone County Moves Toward New Community Corrections Facility

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Commissioners in Limestone County have taken steps to establish a new community corrections facility.

Commissioners recently voted to purchase the abandoned L&S Shopping Center.  District Attorney Brian C.T. Jones talked with WHNT News 19 about the plan for the building.

"They're going to take community corrections/pardons and paroles and then we have asked for some space to move our pre-trial diversion program there," said Jones.  "What that's going to do is everybody is going to be in one place to service a lot of the people who come through the court systems."

Jones says the goal is to help first-time offenders confront their issues and keep them out of jail, since most facilities are already overcrowded.

"Whether it's a drug or alcohol problem, an educational problem, we're going to address it right then and there," said Jones.  "Basically what they're going to be doing is they'll be supervised, they're going to be drug-tested, if they need a GED, we have a GED program starting. We're going to have very intensive supervision up front to address that problem."

Jones says he hopes helping first-time offenders will prevent them from sitting in jail for years or being re-jailed repeatedly.