Make Your Vehicle Road-Trip Ready

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AAA shows lower gas prices this year than at this time last year. The organization also forecasts that this year, nine out of 10 travelers will be arriving to their destination by vehicle this Memorial Day weekend.

A little bit of work before you leave can make sure your vehicle is road-trip ready and save you headaches upon your return.

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios. A breakdown, flat tire or other inconvenience can occur at any time. Make sure that your spare tire is usable and properly inflated. Also if your vehicle's battery is more than three years old, have it checked.

With temperatures as hot as they are expected to be this weekend, you may also want to give your vehicle's cooling system some extra attention.

"Make sure your coolant system is up to par, it's been flushed, ready to go, thermostat's working," said LBJ Automotive General Manager Chris Jarvis. "Make sure your fans are working. Going to be a lot of traffic, a lot of stopping and going, so could overheat, especially with the AC cranked up, that makes the sytem run a little hotter."

You will also want to check the radiator and coolant levels before you hit the road. Remember, never remove the radiator cap when the engine is warm.

Check the air pressure in your tires. It can help with your vehicle's fuel mileage.

 Change the oil, check the batter and cable connections and make sure all of your vehicle's belts and hoses are working properly.

Most importantly, don't forget to buckle up and drive safely when you hit the road this weekend. Police will have safety checkpoints set up all over the state all weekend long.