Political Analyst: Lincoln Would Be Happy With Alabama Redistricting

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The Alabama GOP's redistricting plan has made some groups, particularly white Democrats, unhappy.  However, one political analyst says Abraham Lincoln would be happy.

Athens State University political science professor Dr. Jess Brown says the redistricting plan will likely increase the number of African-Americans in the legislature.   That fact, in a Southern state, would have pleased the 16th President.

" I think Mr. Lincoln would have a smile on his face," Brown says.   "That's because he would say here is a state of the ex-Confederacy where Republicans are slightly enhancing the representational strength of African-Americans while solidifying their own party base."

Senator Roger Bedford has been critical of the plan saying Republican legislators have drawn the plan to increase their numbers.   Dr. Brown says this is partially true, but that it wouldn't really matter.   He says Alabama is a Republican state.

 "I'll go so far as to say, that if Democrats did the reapportionment plan, I think they would have a difficult time in the House, maybe not in the Senate but I think they would have a difficult time in the House, Brown says."  "They would have to be extremely creative to draw 53 districts where Democrats could control the house."

The new districts will go into effect after the 2014 election.

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