Huntsville Students Raise Money, Awareness With ‘Box Tops’ Drive

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Box Tops For Education are making a difference in the Tennessee Valley. On Monday, local Huntsville students who organized the "Save Our Schools" collection drive distributed coupons collected over the last year.

The students collected more than $1,500 in Box Tops and distributed them through the Huntsville City School system.  

Huntsville High School's National Honor Society led the collection drive.  Senior Jared Wasilefsky said this is an easy way for the community to give local schools a little extra money.

"There is no stipulation for what the schools can use it for, they get a check in the name of the school, as far as I know," said Wasilefsky. "So, it can be used for new books, computers, maybe hiring another teacher, it's helped to alleviate the woes. It's something the community can do to give back instead of waiting for the bureaucracy to roll along."

Box Tops come on a variety of grocery products, including cereals, yogurts, granola bars, diapers, juice bottles, trash bags and many more items.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.

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