Huntsville Leaders Visit Greenville, SC To Learn About ‘Livability’

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Huntsville leaders recently took a trip to Greenville, South Carolina for a fact-finding trip to learn about downtown revitalization.

Tuesday, they held a news conference to talk about some of the things they learned, and what the next steps will be.

A big part of the plan is to make downtown a destination.  With Big Spring Park and the mountains around this area, Huntsville has already done a majority of the work.  Now, Mayor Tommy Battle says his office is looking for the last piece of the pie.

Livability is something big and small cities are trying to create.  That means bringing more entertainment, restaurants and living space downtown.

"We are doing a lot of great things already here in downtown Huntsville when it comes to livability," said Mayor Battle.

Battle and other city leaders who went on this latest trip came back with long wish list in hand.

"We've got two-thirds of the pie complete.  Now, we just need to finish it and finish some of these projects we have in mind," said Battle.

Some work has already begun.  New signage is already being designed for Huntsville's downtown area. It will draw attention to area attractions, restaurants and bars.

"We have a good start on livability.  Now we just need to keep it up in the future," said Battle.

In the future, some plans include bringing another large hotel to the downtown area, and encouraging local developers to design new multi-purpose space and residences downtown. Those ideas seem to be on everyone's wish list.

Another idea someone suggested is to get rid of parking meters downtown.  That might encourage more people to come visit, and spend money in other ways.

WHNT News 19's David Kumbroch was the only local reporter to go on the trip to Greenville, SC.  You'll see his reports Tuesday and Wednesday on WHNT News 19.  We'll also post them here on