Judge Grants Trial Delay For Hammad Memon

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Madison County Circuit Judge Karen Hall has granted a defense request to delay Hammad Memon's trial.

Memon’s attorney says the teenager’s mental illness has worsened so much recently, he needs more time to prepare his defense.

Bruce Gardner filed a motion on May 3 in Madison County Circuit Court asking for Memon’s trial to be delayed 120 days.  Memon is charged with the murder of Disovery Middle School classmate Todd Brown, and was scheduled to go to trial on June 18. 

A new trial date has not been set.

Brown died after being shot in the hallway at Discovery Middle School in February of 2010.  Prosecutors say Memon is responsible.

Memon had been free on bond, but has been in the Madison County Detention Center since being arrested in Dallas in April.  Prosecutors believe he was trying to leave the country.

Attorney Bruce Gardner says since Memon came back from Dallas, the teen’s mental state has declined.  In the court documents, Gardner says Memon suffers from a severe mental illness.  He says that mental illness has worsened since Memon’s incarceration.  Gardner says he needs more time to line up experts and prepare a defense for not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.