College Comes to Hall of Fame’s Rescue

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A bold move by NorthWest Shoals Community College just might save a state public attraction from closing permanently.

It’s no secret the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia has been struggling financially.  But the aging tourist attraction could be getting new life with an approved proposal by NorthWest Shoals Community College.

“Folks over here in Colbert County are extremely excited about it. And we’re glad that we’re able to help them with that, and for them to start with their tours again for this summer,” said Trent Randolph, a spokesman for NorthWest Shoals Community College.

This week, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors approved a letter of intent by the college to purchase the facility and 40 acres of land that it sits on.

In the agreement, the college will take over all day-to-day operational costs and help pay off all outstanding bills, one of which includes a $3,600 utility bill.

As for NorthWest Shoals, the college hopes to use the facility for educational programs and the land for future expansion.

According to Randolph, “The college will be using it as a lab for its business and marketing students to run an internship program. While at the same time, helping the Music Hall of Fame keep their doors open.”

Until the purchase is finalized, the college will lease the property for an instructional facility and re-open the doors to the general public in the coming weeks.

The Hall of Fame Board of Directors and NorthWest Shoals are in discussions about the sale price of the property.  Recent appraisals have suggested the property value is around $1.4 million.

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