Armed Robber’s Image and Voice Caught on Camera; Store Clerk Recalls Incident

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"Nobody move. Don't move.  Nobody move.  Don't move."

That was the chilling demand of a man pointing a loaded handgun at employees of the Food Town convenience store on Highway 231 in Lacey's Spring.  The incident happened the evening of April 25.

The audio included in the surveillance video is rare evidence for investigators and a voice the clerk will never forget.

The suspect can be heard saying, "Just give us the money, please... please give us the money."

Only one of the two suspects spoke.

The clerk on the other end of the robber's loaded gun said the suspect's good manners just sent extra chills down her spine.

"I'll never forget it," she said.

The clerk asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation by the robbers, who she knew meant business.

"I could hear the shells being put in the gun," she told WHNT NEWS 19, standing outside the store.

WHNT NEWS 19 showed her the surveillance video that the camera recorded that night.  It was around nine o'clock on Wednesday, April 25th.

When she heard the suspect's voice on the videotape, she cried.

She said she forced herself to come to the work the next day.

"If I stop long enough to think about it, then I wouldn't ever leave home," she said.

Watching the video, she could hear the suspect say to her, "We just want it and go. Thank you."  He was referring to the money in the cash register,

She gave them the entire cash drawer and they left.  It was all over in 20 seconds, with effects that will likely last a lot longer.

"Scared that it's going happen again," the clerk said.

Meanwhile, investigators see the video and rare audio as crucial evidence.

"The voice is real important because I think that's what somebody's gonna recognize," said Investigator Chad Smith of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Given the suspects covered their faces with T-shirts and bandanas, the voice could be critical in prosecution.

The clerk could also hear her own voice on the tape, telling 911 dispatchers what the suspects did after leaving the store.  She said the dispatcher asked her the address of the convenience store.

"552 Highway 231.  They're heading across the bridge," she said frantically to the call taker.

She and the store owner, who was also inside the store at the time, told dispatchers the suspects were driving a maroon-colored SUV and went over the bridge into Huntsville.

No one was injured in the incident, physically, but the clerk says the moment will live in her mind for a while.

"It was scary," she said.

The clerk said she used to work third shift at the store, but asked to be allowed to work second shift, thinking it was safer.

Not so, necessarily.  The robbery occurred at 9 p.m.

If you have any information, call the Morgan County Dispatch Center at (256) 301-1174.

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