Aggravated Child Abuse Trial Continues in Marshall County

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A Marshall County jury saw several dozen photos Thursday of scrapes, scabs, and scars on a two-year-old boy.

The parents, 27-year-old Yuliana Cortez Torres and 42-year-old Angel Torres Rodriguez, are on trial for the aggravated child abuse of their son.

Marshall County prosecutors called a pair of doctors to the stand Thursday.

The two-year-old's pediatrician testified about the boy's condition in the months leading up to his parents' arrest in November.

He said he did not suspect abuse for many months.

A physican who evaluated and documented the child's injuries pointed out scrapes and scars on photographs of the boy's neck, head, and torso.

She particularly emphasized bruising and scarring to the child's ears and armpits.

The doctor said those areas do not typically bruise, even among young children who frequently fall down as part of their development.

The child also had hairline fractures in two of his arm bones, and there were indications of bite marks to his torso.

The Torreses are accused of causing the injuries, which included over 100 documented bruises.

Defense attorneys contend the child has anemia and scratched and bit himself, and that the fractures and many bruises are from falling down.

They said the fact that Torres took the child to the doctor at least 30 times, both for checkups and for concerning issues such as constipation and cough, demonstrates she cared for her son.

The child was born 10 weeks premature, which defense attorneys say contribute to his small size, but prosecutors said that the child gained no weight in a period lasting more than eight months.

After the child was taken into DHR custody in November, the witnesses said he began to gain weight and the scrapes and bruises went away.

The prosecution will call several more witnesses to the stand Friday, and expect the case to continue into next week.

The defendants speak Spanish, so the courts provided an officer to sit with them and translate witness testimony.

They have two other children who are also in DHR custody.

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