Vendors Welcome The Return Of Panoply

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The Panoply festival is well under way, and vendors are excited to be back after last year's absence.

Crowds flood through Big Spring Park.  It's hard to tell who's more excited, the vendors or the shoppers.

There's a general relief though that the festival bounced back after last year.

Vendor Jason Bove says, "It's nice to be back.  I wondered how this year would be after last year being cancelled.  It seems that everybody's come out and supported us very well this year."

And vendors are thrilled with the crowds they see.

Artist Diane Buffington explains, "It's a great festival.  Very nice people.  Everybody is very orderly, very complimentary.  They've been in here looking at my artwork all day."

Bove adds, "There are a mix of folks.  We have families here, which is good to see, and we have some very serious shoppers here as well.  So that makes a very nice mix."

And as long as those crowds keep coming, the festival will stay upbeat.