Relief Concert Benefits Storm Victims

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As The Lumberyard filled up Saturday evening, so did the coffers of a relief group that looks to assist storm victims.

The Lumberyard hosts a benefit concert featuring artists ranging from Cousin Boogie to Local Orbit.

It's hosted by the Mayflowers Relief Project.

Mayflowers Relief Project Member Jennifer Wright says, "It actually started last year with the April 27th tornadoes.  The idea came from April showers bring May flowers."

They hope ticket sales and donations can help a variety of people.

Wright says, "We want to constantly raise money for not just tornado victims, but any victims in Huntsville from weather related issues any way we can help."

If they can fill this space today, the group says they'll try to follow up.

Wright adds, "We hope to do more concerts, so we need people to show up to see that we can do this."