Superintendent Wardynski Reflects On Past Year In “State of the Schools” Address

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Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski's goal for the past year has been to reorganize and unify the district.

When Wardynski stepped in as Superintendent, he faced more than 19 millions dollars in debt incurred by the district.

Then in early 2012, an audit discovered faulty business practices and wasteful spending that led to terminations and resignations.

In the past year, besides changing the way they do business, the district has changed the way they do assess students.

To prep students for college, they're tested twice a year in core subjects such as Science and Social Studies.

"This will give us an external measure, one that compares kids attainment of skills on a national measure," said Wardynski. "This is one mom and dad will see inĀ  9th, 10th, 11th, and 12 grade so the first time parents see something as an external measure won't be a score on an ACT."

Instead of focusing on end of the year achievement goals, the district is focusing on growth.
In the past year, Wardynski has placed more emphasis on the need for technology. Students are getting laptops, iPads and tablets as early as 5th grade.

Gradually schools are being equipped with WiFi, so teachers can connect to the internet in every room.

"Technology is the world of work and our children, of course, we're preparing them to be college and career ready."

But if the schools are strapped for cash, they can't focus on innovation.

In the past year that more than $19 million debt has been turned into a $3 million surplus, that Wardynski promises will only increase in the coming year.

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