The “Anti-Freeze Spade” Is Just Bizarre, And It’s Debatable

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Being the ice cream lover I am, I was shopping for Deal or Dud items and saw the "Anti-Freeze Spade."  What caught my attention was the back of the product packaging. It says "the non-toxic, self-defrosting fluid sealed in the handle responds to your body temperature allowing the spade to cut through even the hardest ice cream."


"Responds to my body temperature..."

How does it know how to do that?

So, of course, in an excuse to buy ice cream, we bought two quarts and dropped the freezer to it's lowest setting and created "ice cream bricks."

We got the "Anti-Freeze Spade" out and dug into some ice cream.  It did okay.  It scooped out the ice cream.  But I think a spoon put under hot water for 30 seconds would have done just fine. I'm not sure it worked better than putting the ice cream in the microwave for ten seconds.

The product is just a big spoon for ice cream. If you want one, it costs $4.99.

I made it "Debatable." The packaging says don't put it in the dishwater or (Duh) put it in boiling water.

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