Benefit Taking Place This Weekend To Help Somerville Family

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It has been nearly two months since Steven Waddell suffered a severe brain injury in an ATV accident. While he continues to recover at the Shepherd Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, the bills continue to pile up at the Waddell household.

"They have bills that come in every month," said Steven's 25-year-old daughter, Misty.  "The bill people, they don't understand, you know we've got an injury, he can't work."

With Steven's wife and mother by his side, Misty and his 13-year-old son, Gus, are struggling both financially and emotionally.

"I've always thought of my dad being a big tough guy and everything, but when something like this happens to him, it's hard," said Gus.

In order to help alleviate the family' expenses, Misty organized a benefit. Local musicians will play live music and local businesses donated items for auction.

"We've had so much help from so many local businesses and just people that went to school with my dad when he was younger that haven't seen him in 20 years," said Misty. "It's amazing how well people in this community come together."

The Waddells still have a long road ahead. Doctors say it could take Steven up to two years to return to his normal everyday activities but until then, Misty and Gus are keeping the faith.

"I know that God wouldn't put anything before me that He didn't mean that I could get through," said Misty. "And so I know He's there and I know that He's going to help me through it."

"I pray everyday now," said Gus. "It's changed my life, my sister's life, my family's life forever."

The Steven Waddell Benefit will take place Saturday, April 21, starting at 4:00 pm at the Soggy Bottom Barn in Somerville. Admission is free, but chicken and pork plates and gumbo will be sold. Donations are also welcome.

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