Streamlining Your Social Media Life

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Looking for a way to streamline social media in your life? If you're tired of trying to keep track of endless updates on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In you might want to check out two free services that can help you control your various accounts.

Summify works with Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader. Once you create an account, you'll sync your networks. Then wait for the service's algorithms to sort out which stories, tweets or updates are most important. How does the service know what you want to read? The service's formula checks which items are most popular among others in your social networks and checks your previous reading history.

Bliss Control helps you manage personal and privacy settings for your accounts - which can be confusing to find and even harder to change. Bliss Control allows you to select the action you'd like to take, choose the social network you'd like to adjust, then make the change with a few quick clicks. The site will automatically take you to the specific page you need to make your changes.

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