Prosecutor: Memon Not In Madison County

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Tim Gann, Prosecutor

Tim Gann, Madison County Assistant District Attorney, said he’s certain Hammad Memon has left Madison County.  Gann is prosecuting the case.

Tim Gann is prosecuting the case for the Madison County District Attorney's office. He spoke about Hammad Memon's disappearance on Friday afternoon.

"The hunt is on for Hammad Memon and his mother.  Local, state and federal authorities are looking for him right now," Gann said.

They don't believe Memon is in Madison County.

"We are confident he in not in this jurisdiction, but we're not sure where he is," Gann said.

Hammad Memon has dual citizenship in the United States and Pakistan.  They believe he got a package on Thursday containing a passport for Pakistan.

"We have contacted federal authorities along with state and local authorities," said Gann. "Hopefully, if he is still in the country, we will keep him in the country."

"I wish we knew where he was going, and we could head him off," said Gann.

Gann said Memon's mother could also face charges, along with anyone else who is helping him elude capture.  Gann said he believes Memon is dangerous.

Hammad Memon

"The fact that he's charged with murder here in Madison County, yes, I believe he's dangerous," Gann said.

He said Madison Police acted on this tip as soon as they got it.

Memon's trial is scheduled to begin in June.  He is charged in the February 2010 shooting at Discovery Middle School in Madison.  Memon allegedly shot a classmate, Todd Brown, killing him.

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