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Clock Is Ticking On Milton Frank Stadium Renovations

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At a special session on Thursday, the Huntsville City School Board approved a construction plan to ensure Milton Frank Stadium will be ready for high school football in the Fall.

The  $3.4 million contract requires the project to be finished within 130 days, from start to finish. There are currently 135 days until the first game of the season on August 23rd.

It`s a strict deadline, but school officials and contractors are confident it's enough time to get it done.

"Whether every door knob and lightbulb is there on opening game, we hope so, but the vast majority should be in place," said Dr. Casey Wardynski, Superintendent of Huntsville City Schools.

It`s been nearly 40 years since Milton Frank Stadium has had an update. Faded signs, peeling paint, and rusted gates are a sign of its age. On top of that, it's no longer compliant with building codes.

The renovation project is headed up by TCU Contracting Services, a firm recently hired by Huntsville City Schools to review current plans and choose best business practices for the district's construction projects.

"The facilities are dismal at best," said Ken Upchurch, president of TCU Consulting. "Anybody that went to the stadium last year will love the new stadium this year."

The stadium will sport brand new locker rooms, concession stands, and bathrooms.
as well as a state of the art scoreboard.

Wardynski says it will be a shared resource for all of the city's high schools and middle schools.