Business Break-ins and Burglaries in Boaz

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Boaz Police said thieves were targeting unlocked cars, but that escalated this weekend to breaking into businesses.

Officers are investigating a batch of break ins and burglaries that happened Friday night along a one mile stretch of Highway 431.

Someone broke a glass door and a double pane window at the Tobacco Shoppe, and took over $1,500 cash.

A block away, burglars shattered a glass door at the Five Dollar Car Wash, and stole a lock box, a change box, and cash worth a total of over $1,000.

Police Chief Terry Davis said the robbers also bashed in windows at Economy Motors less than a mile north on Highway 431, but someone saw suspicious activity and called 911.

"He saw, at one time, two to three people walking up along the side of 431 that looked like they was carrying white plastic trash bags," Davis said.

Investigators said nothing was taken from Economy Motors, and Davis said it appears the burglars were spooked by being seen.

There was another break in Sunday at Jerry Kilpatrick Motors, but police said the burglars went in through a loading bay door.

They do not suspect the same culprits were involved.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage from businesses along that stretch of Highway 431 to try to identify suspects.

If you have any information about the break-ins, call Boaz Police at (256) 593-6812.