Huntsville Firefighters Attacked On Alabama A&M University Campus

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Firefighters attacked on the job! They were responding to a fire alarm on the Alabama A&M University campus when they say a crowd drenched them with water. Huntsville Police were called, but got turned around before making it onto campus.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue crews called Huntsville Police for help. The Huntsville Fire & Rescue Chief told WHNT NEWS 19 Alabama A&M University police decided the city's police officers were not needed. The fire chief says they were.

Huntsville firefighters recently went to the campus of Alabama A&M University to put out a fire, but did not find one. Fire and Rescue Chief Mike Sublett says the firefighters learned someone pulled an alarm as a prank.

The chief says his crews got attacked as they were trying to leave campus.

"They started having things thrown at them from some of the students there. Some water balloons, some water guns and other things," said Chief Sublett.

Chief Sublett told WHNT NEWS 19 that AAMU officials told him students had a water battle earlier in the day. He says the fight with water balloons and super-soakers spilled into the evening.

"I know students will be students, like you said pulling fire alarms happens from time to time," added Chief Sublett.

Six firefighters, including two district fire chiefs, felt it was necessary to call Huntsville Police.

"We feel like it is very unprofessional and unwarranted because we want to be there for their safety. There was no reason for us to receive any kind of action as we did receive," added Chief Sublett.

Chief Sublett says AAMU Police showed up first and turned away Huntsville Police. The chief says campus police told firefighters everything was under control.

Chief Sublett says not entirely.

"After a few minutes, one of our other district chief vehicles did receive some things thrown at it as well," added Chief Sublett.

Chief Sublett and Huntsville Police Chief Lewis Morris met with the Chief of Alabama A&M University police to talk things out.

"It's just something that should never have occurred. Students should have more sense than to do things like this," added Chief Sublett.

Chief Sublett say AAMU Police Chief Monica Ray apologized.

WHNT NEWS 19 has learned some people were arrested, but could not confirm who made the arrests. Huntsville Police would not comment. A spokeswoman for AAMU told WHNT NEWS 19 she is looking into the water battle situation, but has not provided any information.

Chief Mike Sublett says none of his personnel was hurt. He also told us his department's truck only received minor damage.

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