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Speake Surveys Damage Following Saturday’s Storms

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Plenty of old trees now lie on their side, uprooted by high-speed winds, but few structures suffered any damage.

One house sits buried in the limbs of a tree, but it appears to be otherwise unscathed.

Much of the damage happened in the back of  the Speake Volunteer Fire Department.

They say high-speed winds proved overpowering.

Speake Volunteer Fire Department Lieutenant Gary Crotzer remembers, "It was rough here.  From the time we got our first call, it took us ten to fifteen minutes to be able to get a truck out to start going out to help people, because we couldn't even get the doors open at the fire department."

Even though they've still got plenty of clean up in their own back yard, they've still got priorities too.

Crotzer says, "We'll probably start on it tomorrow night and hopefully get it cleaned up.  We'll make sure our community is taken care of before we actually start here."

Still it could have been worse.  Speake School seems to be untouched, and it's only a few hundred feet from most of the downed trees.

The National Weather Service will survey the damage on Monday, but says it was not caused by a tornado.