Looser Open Container Laws Could Drive People To Downtown Huntsville

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Huntsville's already got a vibrant downtown area, but changing open container laws could make it even more vibrant.

A bill works its way through the state senate that would loosen open container regulations for parts of downtown Huntsville.

Downtown Events Organizer Amy Brantley says, "It certainly has the potential to be a win-win for downtown."

Downtown proponents argue the looser laws could energize visitors to come downtown.

Brantley adds, "With the right regulation and governance on it, it could be something that would really help stimulate downtown growth."

Businesses support the measure too.  Sam and Greg's Pizzeria hopes to see Huntsville's downtown stack up to other cities.

Sam and Greg's Employee Cory Higgins says, "Places like New Orleans already have laws like this.  It just makes sense for days like the Art Stroll, when people are moving around."

The change could foster a new kind of environment for downtown.

Brantley says, "Looking at having a more relaxed environment is something that we've heard a lot from different people in the community."

Now those voices may have their requests answered.

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