Huntsville Passes Mobile In Population, Set To Challenge Birmingham

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Huntsville is now the second most populous metro area in the state.  Mayor Tommy Battle explains that with the growth, come challenges.

Battle says, "You want to make sure that you have smart growth.  That you grow so that you can still keep the feel that you've had at 160,000 but offer the job opportunities to people that you would need at 180,000, and that's kind of the key to Huntsville."

A big part of that goes along with maintaining quality of life and infrastructure, like roads.

Battle explains, "We as a community have to make sure that as we grow, we can keep offering those fundamental basics that you have to have and also keep in mind that we're not going to grow, unless we keep our cost of living low."

If the city stays on track, it could even pass Birmingham in the next decade.

"Birmingham is not growing; Birmingham is shrinking in size," says Battle.  "There's a possibility that we will, and we've set ourselves up for success."

So hold on tight, Huntsville is on the move.

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