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Home Intruder Attacks Woman With Child Nearby

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Police say a man targeting women in Florence strikes again.  Monday’s incident marks the third attack in 2 months.  investigators say all 3 times, women were the target.  Police say the suspect in these home invasions isn't looking to steal any property.

In the other home invasion, the victims were University of North Alabama students, but not this time.

The Heathrow Place Apartments became a crime scene early Monday morning when a man broke into a woman's home.

"We were somewhat surprised it happened this soon.  We feel like the person is maybe becoming desperate," said Sgt. Cliff Billingsley with the Florence Police Department.

As police piece together the evidence, investigators believe all 3 home invasion cases are connected because the intruder used the same tactic.  According to investigators, the man forced his way through a back door to find a sleeping victim.

Police say the woman didn't struggle with the suspect or fight back, Monday.  But the victim wasn’t alone.  According to officers, the suspect noticed a young girl also in the bed and he ran away.

"She complied with his demands because she was in fear of her daughter's life," said Sgt. Billingsley.

The attacks don't last long, and police believe the man has just one motive, which is to hurt his victims.

"In my mind he was going to do bodily harm to her in some fashion, but he was interrupted by the fact the daughter was there," said Sgt. Billingsley.

So far the man's attempts at physical harm haven't been successful, but that still doesn't give officers much peace of mind.

"Makes us more worried he's going to strike again," said Billingsley.

Police say they are working some leads in the case and Monday afternoon, investigators interviewed a few suspects.

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