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Crews Search for Treasure at old Athens City Hall Building

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ATHENS - Monday morning was rather exciting in Athens, as city crews went on a treasure hunt at the old City Hall building.

They were looking for a time capsule believed to have been put inside a cornerstone nearly six decades ago.

A small crowd of onlookers watched the action with mixed emotions.

As chunks of the old Athens City Hall came apart, anticipation grew.

"Hopefully we have some good luck today," said current Mayor Ronnie Marks.

He and a small crowd came out hoping to see a buried treasure dug up.

"They're searching for a time capsule. I don't remember it being put in," said Ewell Smith, the son of a former Athens City Councilman.  "I hope they find it."

He and Johnny Crutcher reminisced over when their fathers served on the city council when the old location was considered the new City Hall.

They remember talk of the capsule, just like Doris Vinson Davis, the daughter of then-Mayor Elmer Vinson.  She thought it was placed inside a cornerstone.

"My brother and I both thought the cornerstone was behind the green marble in the front of the building," said Davis.  "We didn't know exactly which corner it was in."

But as the pieces of the building crumbled, so did enthusiasm, with the realization that the idea may not have ever made it past discussion in 1955.

By noon, the crowds had dispersed and no time capsule was found, so the crews continued clearing the area to make room for the new city hall that will be built in the same place as the old.

Mayor Marks promises when they build the new city hall, it will have a time capsule in it.

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