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Super Glove Gets a…”meh.”

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There are many glove-type products designed for use primarily in the kitchen to avoid being burned. But you can also use the gloves for changing a light bulb, building a fire in the fireplace, and working on your car.

Just about all of them work fine.  We found a new one. It’s called the “House and Home Super Glove.”  We could have tested this with just the usual tests.     In the past, we’ve turned on stovetop heating elements and put a gloved hand on it to show they work.

(Don’t do that at home. It’s dangerous)

We also tested one where we boiled water and then used the OveGlove to show you can put your hand in.  It worked fine.

(Don’t do that at home. It’s dangerous)

We tested the Super Glove by grabbing our news rig exhaust pipe. I was able to keep my hand on it for about 20 seconds before it got to hot.

(Don’t do that at home. It’s dangerous)

So, we wanted to see just how much the Super Glove would take. We found a welder.  The Super Glove was rated to about 480 degrees. Our welder, Gene Hanvey, was able to generate about 1700 degrees.

I put the Super Glove on and waved my hand through the flames and had to take the glove off immediately.

(Don’t do this a home. It’s dangerous.)

I made the Super Glove Deal or Dud rating…”Debatable.”

Here is why. The Super Glove will do what it claims to do. It will protect you in a kitchen environment.

But the OveGlove has Nomex and Kevlar are part of its components.  The SuperGlove  says it’s made of “fire resistant fibers.” Not sure what that means, but I just think the OveGlove is better than the Super Glove.  But the Super Glove will proably do fine for what you need around the house.

The Super Glove cost $19.99. You can find the OveGlove for anywhere between $9.99 to $19.99