Waterloo Wildfire Doubles In Size

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Volunteer firefighters are now in their fourth day battling a large wildfire in western Lauderdale County.  The fire has doubled in size, now covering 600 acres in Waterloo.

Firefighters are hoping some rain, even scattered showers, will help their efforts on Wednesday.  Currently, no homes are threatened, but if the fire continues to spread, that may not be the case.

Firefighters are working non-stop to put out the fire, but are battling winds, dry conditions and a rugged landscape.

The Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department is stretched thin, though, as they try to make a stand inside a smoked filled wood line. The wildfire, along Lauderdale County Road 90, has been going since Monday afternoon.

Containing the blaze has been difficult. Just stepping out of the woods for a moment, Waterloo Fire Chief Ted Kavich says "One time it’s out of the south, one time it comes out of the north. It bounces back coming up these hollows, and it’s gotten real nasty at times."

According to Chief Kavich, feeding the fire is the remnants left behind from a tornado on the morning of April 27th. The storm downed numerous trees throughout the wooded area, and is now acting as a fuel source. Fire fighters say that one structure has been destroyed, so they set up next to a home on CR- 90 to keep the fire from consuming it.

"We've actually had two dozers on these fires, trying to help contain them. But because of the steep hillside, you can't use a dozer on them. It’s all hand lines to control it. So it’s been pretty labor intensive at times," Chief Kavich said.  At last report, the two wild fires in waterloo have burned over three hundred acres. Fire fighters are continuing to try and extinguish the second fire that started on Monday.