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Vandals Target Shoals Christian School Three Times

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The baseball field's wind screens now blow in the wind, after being burned by vandals.

“It’s vindictive for whatever reason they have and it`s senseless,” said the Shoals Christian School head master, Tom Hughes.

The school has been the target of vandalism three times in the past three weeks.

“We`ve gotten to the point where we`re really concerned because when you get that brave, when you do something like that, what`s next?” questioned Hughes.

Remnants of the fire still lingers at the field.  According to Hughes, the vandals torched the screens on two different nights.  Firefighters had to be called to the school to put out the flames.

“Very disappointed and perturbed about the whole thing because the facility back there was put in by parents, with their money, hard work and labor,” said Hughes.

But the damage doesn't stop at the baseball field.  The vandals also busted out windows on the school's charter bus.

“It`s not a good situation,” said Hughes.

According to the head master, new security measures are being taken at the school to help catch the vandals.  Also, a reward is ready for any tips leading to an arrest.  But in the meantime, Hughes says the students will start to move past the destruction done to their school.

“You rally together and replace what you can replace and move on, so we`ll move on,” said Hughes.

But it may be months before the destroyed equipment gets replaced.  Hughes says the damages will be turned over to their insurance company, and whatever can't be covered, the money will have to be raised.