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Neighbors Fed Up With Dance Studio Traffic

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Residents of one Huntsville neighborhood say a nearby dance studio is stepping all over their quiet streets.

Homeowners on Central Avenue said Ann's Dance Studio is creating a daily traffic nightmare that prevents them from entering or exiting their own driveways.

Those residents told WHNT News 19 that the line of parents waiting to pick up their kids often spills out of the parking lot and onto nearby streets, blocking access for neighbors. Many of those homeowners have asked the city of Huntsville to crack down on the dance studio, which is accused of not having enough parking spaces to accomodate customers.

"I can't pull into my driveway," said Central Avenue resident Sarah Jefferson. "If I'm going to go somewhere I can't get out of my driveway...It

will block this street coming up to my driveway right here, and it will be blocked down both sides of Alabama Street. It's a real inconvenience at times."

City councilman Bill Kling represents the affected neighborhood, and told WHNT News 19 that Ann's is violating a city ordinance on parking spaces. But longtime owner Ann Brown disputed those claims, telling us she was in compliance.

"I have received no written notices of anything, all I've heard is clamor," said Brown. "As far as I know I'm in total compliance with the zoning commission and with the city with what was built and what I'm doing."

Kling said the city's zoning commission will investigate the complaints. Ann Brown has owned the dance studio since 1963, and said this is the first time anyone has complained about her business.