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‘The Club’ Opens in Florence

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"The Club"

Florence's Senior Citizens have a new place to call home.

   It was purchased by the City of Florence in hopes of expanding their landfill. But when city leaders decided to forego those plans for the old Florence Golf and Country Club property, the next question was what to put there. Monday morning the new tenants moved in and it’s bringing together Florence’s oldest generation.

    From rocking chairs, members of “The Club” can take in the view of what used to be the eighteenth green, without paying membership dues. Lee Makinson started attending the old Senior Center on Fairgrounds Road, “This building was sitting idle and the city fathers probably would have had to spend three million dollars to have a building like this.”

    The City of Florence purchased the vacated property in 2010, and is now the new home for the Florence Senior Center. The director of “The Club” says they already have a long list of activities for members like Mildred Cornelius to take part in. Ms. Cornelius says that she must remain active at her age, “You know us older people need a place to go, because you need to get out, you don’t need to stay at home. You want to be active as long as you can and when you get my age, you really have to be. This is a wonderful place to come.”

   And from the over whelming response from club members so far, it’s sure to be a big hit. Fran Davis, the Director of “The Club”, is hoping to get the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation more involved, and expand activities to keep Florence’s seniors active. The first dance at the club is scheduled for Tuesday night.