Amy Bishop-Anderson’s Bill in Jail

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Amy Bishop-Anderson is accused of killing three co-workers on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus in 2010. Her trial was set to begin March 19, but it's now delayed until September 10.

Bishop-Anderson has been in jail for two years and counting. The bill for taxpayers is adding up too.

Bishop-Anderson has lived at the Madison County DetentionCenter since February 14, 2010. The shooting happened February 12.

Madison County deputies say she shot six of her UAHuntsville colleagues during a meeting on campus. Three of them died.

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning says Bishop-Anderson is one of 922 inmates locked up inside the Madison County Detention Center.

Sheriff Dorning says taxpayers pay a little more than $45.46 per day, on average, for each inmate. The money handles inmate food, jail personnel and medical costs, supplies, transportation and uniforms.

Bishop-Anderson is on day 765 in lock up. Taxpayers have a bill of $34,776.90 so far. The bill will not stop racking up anytime soon.

Judge Alan Mann's office told WHNT News 19 the amount of legal expenses is sealed. The office says the final amount must be approved at the end of the trial. Judge Mann is the one who will approve legal fees.

The judge's office says defense lawyers will have 90 days from then to request money. The state's comptroller's office issues payments once everything is over.